As women, we have a lot on our plate (children, aging parents, relationships, careers). We are the head of our household and making big financial decisions or procrastinating because it's too overwhelming. Money decisions can be stressful when you have no guidance or experience. Let us take care of this for you. We will partner and make a plan together, so you can spend time on the other (more enjoyable) aspects of your life.

How Can We Help?

  • Ensure you understand what is coming into and going out of your bank accounts.

  • Find optimal ways to pay down any outstanding debt or invest leftover cash.

  • How to make the most of the benefits offered by your employer.

  • Set and meet financial goals such as saving for a home, car, college, vacation, retirement, or whatever you want!

  • Review your tax situation and determine if there are ways to keep more money in your pocket.

  • Keep you and your family insured properly and protected if you or your spouse pass away.

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Financial Life Planning

Financial Planning is ongoing and we want to help you every step of the way. Change happens and decisions come up.  We will be here to answer!

Retirement Planning

Are you on track to retire on your terms? We provide you with a retirement plan that includes basic investment education, a SWOT analysis of your current situation, and specific advice based on your timeline, goals, and tolerance for risk. 

Hourly Planning

Do you have a few burning questions or need to quickly solve a pain point? We realize not everyone is in a position to hire a full time financial planner, but still needs some guidance to make a decision or get started in the process.  In an hourly engagement, you are able to meet with a CFP® and get advice relevant to your situation that you can implement right away.  

Want to try us out first?


Financial Life Planning

Creation of the initial plan is $1,500, then an ongoing subscription billed monthly, just like a gym membership! The cost is based on your gross annual household income, with the lowest starting at $98/month.  We can meet as often as you like!  Check out our Service Calendar. You can cancel anytime.

Retirement Plan

Fees range from $599 to $999, depending on complexity and time required to complete.


Our rate is $225 per hour for advice on a variety of topics.


Fees may vary, but we provide FREE workshops at your company, school, or organization through my AFE affiliation and cover topics such as:

  • Financial Planning Basics

  • College Planning

  • Investment Basics

  • Your Employment-Sponsored Retirement Plan

Please contact Lindsay if interested.

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