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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: List

What makes Xennial Planning different from other financial firms?

I believe financial planning should be available to EVERYONE, regardless of age, income, or status. And women, in particular, have been largely ignored. As a woman, I understand the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves. Being your own financial planner should not be an additional challenge. As your partner, I want to ensure I not only understand the financial side, but also who you are: your background, your values, your goals, and your dreams. All of which play into a successful plan. We work together and I believe a plan is only successful when you are involved in the decision-making process, so I provide choices and ensure you fully understand any recommendations that are made.

What does an ongoing relationship with Xennial Planning look like?

Why should I choose Xennial Planning?

I was lucky enough to find a woman mentor early in my career to help me start contributing to a 401k at 22 years old, buy my first home at 23, and successfully navigate a male-dominated IT career. I know what it's like to feel lost in a never-ending maze of information and how important it is to have another woman who understands what you are going through and provides the guidance you need. I want to pay it forward!

I don't live in California.  Can you still work with me?

Yes! Just like social media, I will connect with you from anywhere. I have clients across the continental United States in every timezone!  I use video chat, e-mail, text messaging, or even the old fashioned phone call! I also have an app if you want to check up on your own. Whatever is most convenient for you!

Do I really need a Financial Planner if I don't have a lot of money saved?

Money and investing are just a piece of a much larger financial picture. Starting to plan and make better choices earlier in life is critical for long-term success because it helps to instill lifelong habits of saving, investing, keeping debt to a minimum, protecting what you have, and living within your means. All of which will help you build the life of your dreams!

Do you have another question?

The first year is pretty intense as we onboard, review your current situation, make recommendations for the future, and set implementation goals: short-term, long-term, and risk management. In subsequent years, we have regular check-ins to ensure we address what's important, hold you accountable to completing tasks, and of course, celebrate accomplishments! You will have the ability to call, e-mail, or request a meeting whenever you like. If you prefer not to meet for any reason, that is okay, too! There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

How do you get paid?

I am advice only, which means you pay a fixed or monthly fee, with no commissions or incentives. As a fee-only CFP® Professional, I am not motivated to (and do not) sell products and therefore, my only motivation is to do what is in your best interests. This is the definition of a Fiduciary.

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