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What makes Xennial Planning different from other financial firms?

Lindsay believes financial planning should be available to EVERYONE, regardless of age, income, or status.  And women, in particular, have been largely ignored.  Planning earlier in life is even more critical for long-term success because it helps to instill lifelong habits of saving, investing, and living within your means.  All of which will help you build the life of your dreams.

What does an ongoing relationship with Xennial Planning look like?

Not only will you have the ability to call, e-mail, or request a meeting whenever you want, but we will also set up quarterly check-ins. Winter is a great time to prepare for tax season.  In the Spring, we will review your retirement projection and investments.  Summer is cash flow and budgeting.  We will also celebrate accomplishments we've had over the past year.  And for many, Fall is employer benefits elections.  Let's review if any changes need to be made for health, disability, retirement plan contributions, etc.  Download the FULL Service Calendar.  If you prefer not to meet for any reason, that is okay, too!  There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

Why should I choose Xennial Planning?

Lindsay was lucky enough to find a woman mentor early in her career to help her start contributing to a 401k at 22 years old, buy her first home at 23, and successfully navigate a male-dominated career.  She knows what it's like to feel lost in a never-ending maze of information and how important it is to have another woman who understands what she is going through and provide the guidance she needs.  It's time to pay it forward!

I don't live in Puerto Rico or California.  Can you still work with me?

Yes! Just like social media, we will connect with you from anywhere.  We have clients across the United States in every timezone!  We use video chat, e-mail, text messaging, or even an old fashioned phone call!  We also have an app if you want to check up on your own. Whatever is most convenient for you!

Can you help with investing and retirement?

Absolutely!  First, we do not actively trade or manage investments and while they are an important aspect of a financial plan, investing represents only a portion of what we do. With that caveat out of the way, we believe in investing for the long term, keeping costs low, and building wealth gradually (unless your goals or objectives change requiring a re-evaluation). We take into consideration not only your goals and time horizon, but also your tolerance for risk.  Investing always has some level of risk (ups and downs of the stock market) and we want to ensure you are comfortable.

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